Hey Nyquil Driver

It's Nyquil Driving time.

This might be a road trip
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READ!!! Other fans accounts of road trips!!
POST!!! About your own road trips!
FEEL! The wind in your hair!
BE!!! Amazed that you just ate a burrito from a gas station!
SEE!! The world from the smudgy Greyhound window as a complete stranger collapses, snoring on your shoulder!!

Or any mode of transportation you prefer. This community is basically for TMBG fans
*to arrange road trips with other fans. (I strongly encourage any personal info like home addresses/phones be emailed or friends locked.)

*to post about their road trips to see They Might be Giants. As often as you wish. Post about the one you took last week or three years ago.

*to post your show reviews and pictures. (you know the drill, any very long posts or lots of pictures, please use an lj cut.)

Other than that, have fun.